Real Estate Personal Shopper

We provide comprehensive client guidance throughout the entire purchasing process from start to finish. Take a look at some of the pros of having us as your exclusive buyer's agent

Experienced professionals

We not only have extensive experience in the real estate sector but also possess legal, architectural, and interior design expertise, along with strong management and negotiation skills.

No Conflits Of Interests

We never work with sellers. We position ourselves to exclusively and decisively advocate for the interests of our BUYER client.

No surprises

Personalized Market Study, detailled "Listings Report", technical & legal reports before buying, purchase costs checklist, documentation review and accompaniment during the whole process, even after Notary signature, to give you the peace of mind you need in such a complicated process.

Save Time & Money 

We know the market, we negotiate the best price, we have access to early listings before they're even listed, and we take care of all bureaucratic  issues, saving you valuable time and money!

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Relocation Services

No matter if you're thinking of buying or renting, we'll make your move to Madrid hassle-free! 

Navigating the Unfamiliar 

Our in-depth knowledge of the area and local customs ensures you make well-informed decisions during your move, helping you avoid common pitfalls. 

Smooth Goodbyes 

We make leaving Madrid as stress-free as your arrival. Our end-of-stay services cover key issues like dealing with the cancellation of contract or getting your deposit returned promptly. Say goodbye to Madrid with confidence. 

Stress-Free Transition

We take the hassle out of moving to a new country by providing comprehensive relocation services, from airport transfers to finding the perfect home. 

More Time for What Matters 

Let us handle the intricate details of your relocation, allowing you to focus on settling in and enjoying your new life. 

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Offices & Commercial Spaces Rentals

Are you planning to move your company to Madrid? Or maybe you want to open a restaurant here? We can help you with this process too! From small commercial properties for local buisnesses to spacious offices accommodating hundreds of workstations, we want to be your private Spanish Business Relocator!

Navigating Legal Terrain

Say goodbye to legal confusion. We guide you through the complex legal and regulatory landscape of commercial property rentals in Spain, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. 

 Stress-Free Property Hunting

We eliminate the challenges of finding the right location for your business in Madrid, ensuring you get a commercial space that suits your needs and objectives.

Tailored to Your Vision 

 We don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Whether you're opening a restaurant or expanding your corporate office, our service is customized to meet your unique business requirements.

Lease Your Way

Lease negotiations are a breeze with our expertise. We work to secure favorable terms, ensuring you make a smart investment that aligns with your business goals. 

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Comprehensive Partner Services

Enhancing Your Relocation and Real Estate Experience  

Immigration Legal Services

Our network of legal experts simplifies the process of obtaining visas, residence permits, and citizen registrations, ensuring a smooth transition to Spain

Exchange Rates Specialists

Partnering with currency exchange specialists, we shield our clients from currency market fluctuations, providing financial security during property transactions.

Optimized Financing

Through our trusted mortgage brokers, we help our buyer clients secure the best possible mortgage terms and conditions in Spain

Your Dream Space

Collaborating with refurbishing and interior design professionals, we assist clients in transforming their new home into the perfect space they've always envisioned.

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