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What Is a Real Estate Personal Shopper

 A Real Estate Personal Shopper is the buyer's exclusive representative. Someone who, in a very intrinsic way, becomes their eyes and ears throughout the entire buying process.

This is all built on the foundation of a personal relationship and a common goal: finding a home that perfectly suits the client's needs.

We fully cater to the buyer's requirements and demands, not the seller's. We handle all the necessary tasks right up to the finish line, ensuring a successful purchase so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

We bring excitement and peace of mind, guaranteeing a smooth journey to the end with absolute success and the satisfaction of making the right choice.

What you'll find in this article...

Why Hire a Real Estate Personal Shopper?

All our previous work and the data at our disposal indicate that most property purchase decisions are made with a high degree of market unawareness and a lack of knowledge about the steps involved in the process, often resulting in a laborious and sometimes incorrect process.

That's why hiring a personal real estate advisor who can assist the buyer in managing the entire home purchase is undoubtedly the best choice.

If you have doubts about whether it's worth it, check out our article on the fees of a real estate personal shopper and the advantages of hiring us.

Differences Between a Real Estate Personal Shopper and a Real Estate Agency

In any real estate transaction, two key players are involved: the seller and the buyer.

Understanding the roles of both these players helps shed light on the significant differences between a traditional real estate agent and a real estate personal shopper.

First and foremost, traditional real estate agencies primarily focus on selling properties they've listed from property owners. In essence, their "clients" are the sellers themselves.

Potential buyers who approach these agencies only have access to the properties these agencies offer, which represent just a fraction of what's available in a neighborhood or city. For example, a specific real estate agency may have access to less than 1% of the houses available for sale in Madrid, and often far less than that, considering the 61,000 properties currently listed on platforms like Idealista.

In contrast, real estate personal shoppers have access to the entire market's offerings, free from the constraints of a limited property portfolio.

As professionals, we focus on finding the perfect home tailored to our clients' tastes and needs, with access to all the homes for sale without any restrictions.

You won't find properties for sale on our website.

We have no interest in pushing you to choose one property over another or promoting any specific seller. You won't be limited to a single agency's selection.

Our sole aim is to help you find the best property that suits your needs, regardless of who's selling it or where it's located.

Furthermore, we exclusively represent our client's investment interests as buyers, always negotiating in their favor. Would you like some tips on negotiating the price of a property?

We believe in the most precise search for the luxury home you desire, and that's where our complete dedication lies.

Who Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Personal Shoppers Work For

To begin with, real estate agents work on behalf of a real estate agency, and even though they act as intermediaries between the buyer and the seller, they often lean towards the seller's side.

Why? There's a clear conflict of interest related to the commissions earned by the real estate agent, which come directly from the sale of the property.

The real estate agent is, indeed, a direct representative of the real estate agency, a company that has a portfolio of properties for sale. Their main focus is on the seller's side due to their commitment to helping sellers manage a profitable business.

However, the buyer's position is vulnerable, even though we're essentially talking about an investor parting with their money.

Real estate agents, despite their attempts at impartiality, can't completely set aside this conflict of interest. It's challenging to work for both the seller and the buyer simultaneously.

Can you imagine going to a divorce settlement without your own lawyer just because your ex already has one, and you think they can represent both of you equally?

The lawyer might try to act in the best interest of the client who's paying them, don't you think?

This is where the role of the real estate personal shopper has emerged within the industry. They advise, accompany, and exclusively represent the buyer's interests.

Their job is to act as the client's advocate, rather than serving as an intermediary, as is the case with real estate agents.

Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Personal Shopper

If you haven't yet made the decision to entrust the search for your dream home to a personal shopper, here are several reasons to consider:

1.- Time Savings:

Our services can save you up to 70-80% of the time you'd otherwise spend searching for the property you desire, contacting sellers, and handling all the necessary legal paperwork for a property acquisition with safety and peace of mind.

2.- Cost Savings:

Based on our expertise, a client can potentially secure discounts of up to 15%. We are skilled negotiators and scrutinize every offer, along with the fees and commissions charged by the agencies involved. This often justifies, and sometimes includes, our fees.

3.- Real Estate Experience:

With over fifteen years of experience in advising real estate investors, we provide a solid representation to our clients, from the initial search to the signing of a sales contract. This experience allows us to anticipate potential complications in any transaction, prevent them, and find solutions.

4.- Confidentiality:

An essential trait of Living In Madrid Spain as a real estate personal shopper is the absolute discretion and confidentiality with which we handle each transaction. This attribute is of paramount importance when dealing with exclusive clients who have a pressing need to keep their private lives away from the public eye.

5.- Exclusivity:

We work exclusively for our clients, with no conflicts of interest with agencies or representatives. Likewise, at Living In Madrid Spain, we cater to a profile of high-end investors, professionals, and exclusive homebuyers with elevated professional standards. We also select the demands of our clients, occasionally rejecting transactions that we believe do not add value.

6.- Affinity and Empathy:

In this way, we align ourselves with the clients who choose us and whom we choose, working with complete affinity and empathy. This allows us to connect with our clients' emotions and invest maximum effort and energy into each purchasing process because assisting you in finding your dream home excites us.

The search and selection of your dream home is a unique, exciting, and sometimes challenging process. Many people only face this situation once in their lives, which is why it's essential to have a specialized advisor during this "vital period."

History of the Real Estate Personal Shopper

The commercial figure we now recognize as a real estate personal shopper initially emerged as an Exclusive Buyer Agent, a real estate advisor who offered a more personalized and intimate service.

Over time, this intriguing role has professionalized, becoming a necessity for many, especially those with demanding schedules who seek a life of luxury and comfort.

Literally translated from English, the profession of a personal shopper means "personal buyer," an ingenious and appealing profession that emerged in New York in the 1980s.

In the United States today, it's inconceivable for a buyer not to have their own personal advisor.

In the case of Spain, this advisor was introduced in 2010 and has been on the rise ever since.

Who Demands the Services of Real Estate Personal Shoppers

Entrepreneurs, executives, independent professionals, athletes, artists, influencers, creatives, actors, and those from other cities or countries needed a professional who understood the real estate market.

The personal shopper figure is closely associated with all these professionals, and it's in high demand among lawyers, economists, engineers, advisors, and politicians.

For all these individuals, the introduction of an independent real estate advisor has been a significant boon, leading to greater recognition due to the value they provide and their exclusive dedication to these clients.

Much has been said about the luxurious homes of the rich and famous, some located in cities like Madrid, London or NYC. But can you really picture someone like Shakira or Elon Musk in person buying a house in Madrid? Unlikely, isn't it?

The same reasons that keep them from doing it are the ones that lead many people to entrust specialized professionals with their home purchase: lack of time, a need for discretion, and maximizing the return on their investment.

These people rely on a Real Estate Agent who exclusively works for them, for their home purchase. In other words, they hire a real estate personal shopper who works for them.

Hiring the services of a REPS is like hiring a professional and market expert who will search for the perfect home and manage the entire buying process, especially in the most exclusive areas, with the same enthusiasm you would have, while adding the experience of previous home purchases and market knowledge.

What Characteristics Should a Real Estate Personal Shopper Possess

In addition to extensive experience in the real estate sector, a real estate personal shopper (REPS) must have a strong grasp of legal, architectural, and interior design knowledge. These professionals are distinguished by their good taste, discretion, and exceptional abilities in management and negotiation, making them capable of handling significant purchases that clients either can't or prefer not to manage on their own.

The key to success for these real estate professionals is the capacity to deeply understand their clients' motivations and interests when it comes to property acquisitions, whether their goal is to reside in it or make a sound investment.

Lastly, REPSs should be agile and always ready to secure the most advantageous deals for their clients, paying close attention to details and having a disposition for meticulous work:

  • Real estate, legal, and technical (architectural and interior design) knowledge to advise clients.
  • Empathy and the ability to comprehend clients' motivations and needs, along with a refined taste and personalized service.
  • Experience, agility in identifying opportunities, shrewdness and flexibility in negotiations, and excellent management capabilities.

Questions That Real Estate Personal Shoppers Can Answer

A real estate personal shopper (REPS) will have answers to all your questions. Even inquiries like: Does the house have any structural issues? What should I know about the neighborhood? Can we negotiate a better price? What if we want to enclose the terrace? What are the neighbors like? Are there any ongoing assessments?

For us, finding the ideal home goes beyond a mere business transaction. We understand that this is a significant decision in your life, and you want to discover a comfortable space that meets your requirements.

At Living In Madrid Spain, we conduct the most thorough searches to find the house of your dreams.

Phases of a Real Estate Personal Shopper's Work

Our work consists of well-defined phases that must be carried out with the necessary precision to achieve a successful and surprise-free property purchase. These phases are:

1.- Client Interview:

It all begins with a close interview to understand your needs as a buyer, making the purchasing process simpler, quicker, and more efficient for everyone. Following this, we'll sign a purchase mandate to ensure commitment and exclusivity between both parties.

2.- Property Search and Selection:

We commit to conducting an exhaustive search for options that best align with your needs and your vision of a dream home.

Leveraging our expertise and critical eye in the real estate sector, we explore every corner of the market, scheduling appointments with sellers to visit and inspect each property, filtering only those that meet the specified requirements.

Our clients' experience shows that this exclusive phase alone can save them up to 70% of the time that inexperienced solo buyers typically spend on searching and visiting homes.

3.- Property Analysis and Presentation:

We focus on thoroughly studying the market and the potential of the area to provide a detailed report on the best purchasing options.

This report includes features and photographs of the top alternatives we've found. Subsequently, we visit the selected properties with you and provide guidance for your final choice.

4.- Negotiation and Validation Phase:

All our efforts in this phase are geared towards achieving the best negotiation and closing the transaction on the most favorable terms for our client. We approach this calmly, understanding the needs of both parties, including the seller, and apply professional judgment to ensure you don't miss out on your desired property.

Simultaneously, we carry out the necessary technical/legal checks for a secure purchase, detecting any potential fraud and ordering technical validation or appraisal when required.

This is a significant advantage for foreign clients unfamiliar with the Spanish real estate market or those with limited experience.

5.- Property Purchase Management and Legal Procedures:

Dealing with paperwork when buying your home can be overwhelming, especially when you lack the time or experience.

That's why we collect, prepare, and/or review all the necessary documentation for the signing and completion of the real estate transaction, making the process much simpler. This includes land registry information, utilities, energy certificates, community certificates, property tax (IBI), and we also provide an estimate of the buying and selling expenses, including taxes and notary and registration fees.

We accompany our clients in the preliminary reading of the deed and the subsequent signing before a Notary.

We provide our clients with the peace of mind that all the procedures are conducted securely and in compliance with the law.

6.- Additional Real Estate Services:

In essence, we comprehensively advise the client throughout the entire buying process from start to finish.

But our assistance doesn't end with the acquisition of the property.

We offer a range of additional services, from renovations and interior design to post-purchase documentation management.

For this, we have a team of excellent professionals with over twenty years of experience.

How Much Does a Real Estate Personal Shopper Charge

Unlike real estate agents who earn direct sales commissions, REPSs charge fees for an exclusive service.

The first step is to arrange a meeting with your exclusive agent to discuss your needs: the type of property you're looking for, its layout, possible locations, and your budget.

REPS fees consist of a flat rate, defined based on the functions, complexity, and the level of personalized service that the client requires. These fees are not sales commissions like those of real estate agents.

(LMS Note) - Limited and Pre-Established Fees

Remember that our fees are limited and tailored to the services we provide.

In our service contract model, you will find a detailed list of the services to be provided, the duration, and the termination of the contract.

Is Hiring a Real Estate Personal Shopper Worth It?

Absolutely, it is highly worthwhile for our clients. Hiring this service translates into professional management that simplifies the house-hunting process, leads to better negotiation, and ensures a secure purchase.

Allow us to search for and find your dream home so that you can focus solely on infusing it with the enthusiasm and peace of mind that we provide. Choose with the best judgment!

We Always Work with a Mandate of Services from Our Clients

If you've never hired an REPS's services before, we will provide you with all the guidance you need.

At Living In Madrid Spain, we offer transparent contracts, free from surprises, and with the best negotiation to protect your investment.

We understand your needs for luxury and comfort, providing you with a completely personalized, private, and close-knit service.

We are leaders in the search and purchase of luxury homes in the finest areas of Madrid.

Discretion, efficiency, and professionalism are the values that define us.

Under Pablo's guidance, you will find the best penthouses, villas, and mansions in this beautiful city, Madrid, offering you a unique service tailored to all your requirements.

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