Tus Personal Shoppers Inmobiliarios en Madrid

¡Múdate a Madrid sin preocupaciones! Encuentra tu barrio ideal y deja que nosotros nos ocupemos del resto. ¡Tu viaje empieza aquí!

¿Pensando en comprar en Madrid?

This Is Why You Should Hire Me

💲 Para ahorrar dinero

I secure the first properties in the market, and my experience allows me to negotiate better prices.

⏱ Para ahorrar tiempo

¿Estás dispuesto/a a gastar más de 600 horas de tu vida? ¡Nosotros nos encargamos de todo! ¡Siéntate y disfruta!

☮ Para tu tranquilidad

Nos peleamos por ti y nos encargaremos de todo para resolver cualquier problema que pueda surgir. Tu tranquilidad es nuestra prioridad..

¡Mira cómo!



With LMS, The Process Is Easy!

Tell Me Exactly What You Need

During the onboarding call, we gather information about your needs, preferences and circumstances, as well as tell you all you need to know about how we work, schedule, fees, etc.

We'll Plan The Perfect Move For You

Once we start working together, we will plan a “Moving to Madrid” schedule with you, according to the different services you have hired, from the very first day and until you step foot in your new house for the first time and beyond.

Enjoy Your New Life In Madrid!

I'm sure you will LOVE Madrid as much as I do!

But in case you have difficulties during your first days, we will be advising you on what you need during your adaptation to your new life in Madrid.

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Don’t Move, We’ll Handle Everything


We can assist you in every aspect of this journey… You don’t believe us? Check it out!

Neighborhood Choice

Since the onboarding call we gather information about your needs and preferences to suggest the best neighborhood or suburb for you.

Properties Search

Before you actually come to Spain, we start to search and share with you all the properties that might fit your preferences.

Communication And Transparency

We have constant communication via WhatsApp and e-mail. And every document or relevant information is stored in a shared Drive folder.

Virtual Or Face-To-Face Home Visits

We recommend visiting houses with us once you’re here, but we can also do virtual visits while in your home country if needed.

Negotiation With The Owners Or Landlords

Whether to rent or buy, we negotiate with the owners the most beneficial contracts for you.

Other Services

Visa expeditions, Moving companies, Low Money Exchage Rates, Storage Rooms in Madrid, Refurbishing Companies… Anything you can think of when moving to Madrid.